Thursday, September 03, 2009

There's Nothing Wrong with Anything

That's the money quote from NYC Schools Chancellor Klein on the progress reports. Everything they city has done is perfect, neither he nor Mayor Bloomberg has ever made a mistake, and Mr. Klein plans to close more schools only to improve the neighborhoods. It's exactly like when Mayor Giuliani closed all those strip joints in Times Square, except he's getting rid of a different undesirable element--public schools.

Public schools divert money from the pockets of people who really need it, and this administration has embarked on the very serious business of putting more and more of it back into private hands. Why shouldn't people who run schools make a tidy little profit? In 2009, with charter schools, you don't even need your own building to do that. All over the city, you can just edge out those nasty public schools.

With any luck, Mayor-for Life Bloomberg will do away with them during his tenure. As there's nothing wrong with anything, he'll doubtless live forever, unlike those peasants the majority of whose kids fail to win the lottery anyway. And frankly, when the scourge of public schools are finally gone, the city will be "accountable" for nothing whatsoever. Schools? We don't run the schools. Go complain to Charters R Us.
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