Friday, September 11, 2009

Ms. Brown Teaches the Principal

The principal, Mister Blister, had a wacky sense of humor. At least he thought so. So when he visited Ms. Brown's history class, he said, "Gee, Ms. Brown is teaching the same things she was back when I was in her class."

Mister Blister giggled at his sudden brainstorm, and walked down the hall, laughing louder and louder as he contemplated his remarkable cleverness.

A few hours later, Ms. Brown visited Mister Blister. She was teaching her ESL Social Studies class about the Declaration of Independence. Could she hang a copy of it on the principal's wall? It was for a project teaching them about the signers. Mister Blister said sure, that's a great idea. In fact, to give the newcomers confidence, why didn't she have them recite a couple of names they recognized over the loudspeaker?

Ms. Brown readily agreed. It's good for kids to have confidence, she said. Three nervous kids read the names, accented but clear:

John Hancock, Mister Blister

John Adams, Mister Blister

Thomas Jefferson, Mister Blister

The principal was horrified. Didn't these kids know how to read? What the heck was going on?

An astute secretary led the principal over to the document in question. And there, on the Declaration Ms. Brown had hung up, larger than John Hancock's, was an authentic-looking signature that clearly spelled out, "Mister Blister."
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