Saturday, July 18, 2009

That's All I Can Stands, and I Can't Stands No More

Mayor Bloomberg's has a double-pronged approach to his attack on quality public schools. In places like PS 123, which has managed to go from an F to a B in his own scoring system, he inserts a charter school. The charter school kids get uniforms and renovated classrooms, while the lowly public school kids get the "as is" experience of attending a school that's a hundred years old if it's a day.

Thus, parents get to see the separate and unequal treatment this mayor offers kids, and wonder why the hell their kids can't get the same conditions as charter kids. This can translate to increased support for charters, and even more people making 380K per annum, as charter mogul Moskowitz pays herself. This, in Mayor Bloomberg's New York, is somehow a good thing.

And even as Mayor Mike undermines PS 123 by giving away science labs and classrooms, he undermines excellent but overcrowded schools like mine by endlessly dumping more kids in. In Mayor Bloomberg's version of "accountability," bad schools are closed and good schools are demeaned little by little until he can close them too.

Go to PS 123 on Monday. Tell Mayor Bloomberg you support public schools, and you've had it with this nonsense.

Monday, July 20th

- Demonstration at PS 123

Time: Gather at 12:30pm / Start at 1:00pm

Location: 301 West 140th Street ( 8th ave) NY, NY 10030

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