Thursday, July 09, 2009

The PS 123 Uniform

Eva Moscowitz has stolen just a little more of PS 123, I'm informed by email. There will be an emergency demonstration there, 301 W. 140th St. at 8:30 AM tomorrow.

PS 123 went from an F to a B rating, and as a reward, Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein have taken away several more of their classrooms. This is what happens to good schools in Mayor Bloomberg's New York--no space for you. They call that "accountability," I believe.

If there's space, it goes to charters. If not, charters take it anyway. For neighborhood schools they have trailers. They won't do for Moskowitz school students.

In fact, not even regular classrooms are not good enough for charter schools. That's why Moskowitz needs to renovate them, and if some thoughtless teacher left stuff in it, or prepared it for September, that's the way the chalkboard crumbles.

Imagine you are a public school student, and your classroom was built a hundred years ago. You sit in your ancient wooden chair and learn to like it. Moskowitz school kids get brand new ones. Her rooms are renovated. Last time your classroom was renovated, Theodore Roosevelt was storming San Juan Hill, which looked much as your classroom does now.

Your bathrooms, built in the year of the flood, are made of ancient buff-colored brick. Maybe Theodore Roosevelt used them. Who knows? Moskowitz school kids get shiny purple tile. Moskowitz kids get smaller class sizes and better facilities even as your school is dismantled piece by piece to make room for them.

Do you get the message, public school kid? Do you see that some people are worth more than others in Mayor Bloomberg's New York? Remember that lesson, because that's precisely what this mayor wants you to remember. Brown v. Board of Ed.? Ancient history. Mayor Bloomberg is a reformer, and that stuff is all in the past.

Moskowitz school kids get nice new uniforms. You, you don't even get that button in the picture (even though you're treated as such). You're not alone, though. They treat my kids exactly the same way.
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