Monday, July 06, 2009

Mr. Bloomberg Prioritizes

When it comes to education, there are three things that Mayor Mike emphasizes: privatization, privatization, and privatization. So don't be surprised when charter mogul Eva Moskowitz comes measuring the drapes in your school. In fact, she's more likely to just come in and start renovating classrooms, as the crap the mayor gives public school kids is simply not good enough for charter school kids.

Teachers at PS 123 blocked Moskowitz' attempt to commandeer more of their building, but times are tough for those who'd oppose the mayor's policies of doing whatever he wants, however he wants, whenever he wants. In fact, PS 123 was not enough for Moscowitz, and now one of her schools seems to be keeping a public school from expanding.

It's remarkable that such things go on while so many city schools are overcrowded. Here's the message Tweed is sending--if you're overcrowded, too bad, get over it. If you aren't, charter schools need space. It's important to privatize as much as the system as possible, so that folks like Moskowitz can pull in over 350K for running non-union shops. The disintegration of actual public schools, and the spectre of more of the same--these things have no meaning for Mayor Mike "accountability" Bloomberg.

If you want to rally against Mike and Eva's attacks on education, info is right here.

Thanks to David Bellel for the pic.
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