Monday, July 13, 2009

Discussion Is Un-American

These days, it seems everyone loves Mayor Bloomberg's mayoral control. Governor Paterson can't wait to see it renewed. Why this is no one can say. After all, the mayor a new Board of Education, stocked it with his employees, and even made one of them President. They met for nine minutes, endorsed mayoral control, and closed up shop. They even got Scott Stringer to appoint a rubber stamp, after having selected lone dissident Patrick Sullivan for the ultimately impotent PEP.

What is the big rush to pass mayoral control? Is it that the default system will ultimately place checks or balances on this mayor's power over the school system? Will community boards be that much of a handicap for the all-privatization, all-the-time agenda of Mayor Micheal Bloomberg?

Perhaps. It's much simpler to have a Chancellor who does as he's told or is fired, backed up by a panel who does as it's told or is fired. And, of course, we have a new chief accountability officer, one who promises to follow in the footsteps of the last one--the very same footsteps that literally run from concerned parents, and blatantly distort their priorities on surveys his own department commissioned and executed. Perhaps the mayor feels that his gang gives the appearance that things are discussed, rather than decided unilaterally.

With the tabloid press cheering him on, this mayor continues to do what he wants, when he wants, however he wants. That's the hallmark of a spoiled child, not a leader.

PR skills, the only thing this administration truly excels at, have thus far enabled them to pull the wool over New Yorkers. One can only hope they open their eyes before the richest man in New York purchases himself and his billionaire buddies another term.
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