Monday, March 02, 2009

Where Were You?

I was in my garage, wearing a sweatshirt, a parka, and heavy boots. I'd just picked up a snow shovel and was getting ready to shovel out my car so I could go to work. My wife and daughter came down, dragged me back upstairs, and rewound the TIVO to show me that city schools were closed.

I left my trusty shovel and came up to revise the blog.

I'd woken up at five in the morning to prepare to go to work. Why on earth couldn't Chancellor Klein have made the decision to close the schools before 6 in the morning, particularly when many city schools open at 7? The Chancellor claimed to be worried about the parents of a million public school kids. Didn't having to wait till 6 AM inconvenience them even more? Where I live, they really worry about public school parents, which is why we got a recorded call last night telling us schools would be closed.

Chancellor Klein loves accountability. How should he be held accountable for this?

Where were you when you found out NYC schools were closed? What were you doing?
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