Friday, March 27, 2009


Vivian couldn't find her sunglasses. They were brand new, and her aunt said they were expensive. And when Juan lost his I-Pod touch, it was as though the world had ended. Not only that, but two cell phones had disappeared. Sure, they shouldn't have had them anyway, but could Mayor Bloomberg have really had them disappeared through sheer billionaire willpower?

And where is that 7-dollar chalkholder I've been boasting about all these years? What on earth would anyone want with that? Well, it could be another teacher. After all, I've been walking around telling people my 7-dollar chalkholder clearly demonstrates I'm a better teacher than they are, not to mention a better human being. As I've repeatedly told my reading classes, these things and worse come of hubris.

On the other hand, what's the deal with Steven? A kid claimed to have seen him with a Swiss army knife the other day when he was leaving the trailer. And when I went to his next class, another kid said she saw it too. And even though he'd already called it quits and left school, when we called his house his mom said she was missing her Swiss Army knife. Not having proof, though, there wasn't much we could do.

But what really took the cake was when he sat in a crowded office and slipped a box of cookies into his backpack in front of half a dozen witnesses. When an adult confronted him and opened the backpack, he said the cookies had fallen into the bag and the zipper had shut by itself. How do people even think of this stuff?

And short of becoming Governor of Illinois, Mayor of NYC, or Bernie Madoff, how can you get by acting like this?
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