Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ms. Palin Clarifies Her Support of Mr. Buchanan

My last post mentioned GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said she supported teaching creation science in public schools. An astute commenter pointed out that Ms. Palin "clarified" her statement the following day, stating she did not support teaching creation science in public schools.

As Mayor of Wasilla. Alaska, Ms. Palin attended a Pat Buchanan rally in 1999. At the rally, Ms. Palin wore a Pat Buchanan for President button.

However, Ms. Palin immediately wrote her local paper maintaining that her actions were not to be mistaken for an endorsement. Apparently, she went to the Buchanan rally and wore the Buchanan button simply to be friendly and welcome him.

For many, going to a campaign rally and wearing the candidate's button is perceived as a show of support. It's odd that anyone, particularly a professional politician, would be unaware of that. Nonetheless, that's what Ms. Palin expects us to believe.

Now some may feel that people with little or no awareness of what their words or actions imply make brilliant leaders. I don't know anyone who actually feels that way, but there may indeed be some.

In any case, Mr. Buchanan remembers things differently:

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