Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'll Have Another Cucumber Martini, Please...

Governor David Patterson announced drastic cuts to health and education programs in New York State yesterday while vacationing in the Hamptons.

Patterson announced a $51 million cut for the CUNY system, a $506 million dollar cut in health care spending, a $250 million cut in local government assistance, and a $132 million cut in spending on new programs.

The governor wants the cuts to address the state's $6.4 million projected deficit for next year.

After announcing the cuts, the governor then finished playing golf and ordered another round of cucumber martinis for he and his Hamptons golfing buddies/hedge fund managers courtesy of New York taxpayers.

Actually I made that last part up, but seriously, couldn't Patterson have made the announcements from Albany?

I understand times are tough and everybody's got to tighten their belts and make some sacrifices.

But why can't "working vacations" in the Hamptons for politicians also be put on the chopping block?
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