Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hitting the Big Time

I'm getting a lot of email about whether or not NYC Educator, The Chancellor's New Clothes, and EdNotes Online have been banned on DoE computers. Certainly, it could be dangerous if Tweedies ever found out there were points of view contrary to those spouted by Mayor Bloomberg and the op-ed pages, so I understand. I mean, who hasn't seen video of a robot whose head blows up when faced with contradictory information?

If we've indeed been banned, we're contemplating a badge proclaiming "Banned by the DoE," "Banished by the Chancellor," or something, maybe with a thumbs-up symbol. But this, perhaps, is the fruit of the "Truth Squad," funded by city dollars to ensure as few people as possible garner any exposure to the truth.

After all, if people find out what Mayor Bloomberg has actually been doing to the schools all these years, the truth could hurt.
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