Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Brilliant Victory

I've just received an email from the UFT stating that Teachers' Choice funds have been reduced from $260 to $150.

It's a victory, apparently, because it's better than nothing. This represents a great step forward for the Unity/New Action patronage employees who negotiated the 05 contract (which regular readers of this blog may recall, was not better than nothing).

Perhaps that can be the new UFT slogan---"We're better than nothing."

Certainly Chancellor Klein must agree. When the system pulls money out of the pockets of working people, how many union leaders stand up and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

Only the one on the immediate left.

Thank you Ms. Weingarten. If President Bush had you and the Unity/ New Action patronage mill to explain why failure and incompetence represents victory, perhaps his numbers wouldn't be so far in the toilet and he could be out campaigning for Maverick Johny.
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