Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Lesson for Us All

Greenwich CT Principal Marc D'Amico was suspended after he refused to allow a parent to bring cupcakes for a kid's party. Now everyone knows cupcakes are just the beginning, leading to fudgy-wudgy bars,apple pies, cinnamon pastries, the much-dreaded Carvel ice cream cakes, and who knows what else? So naturally, I was shocked that D'Amico was suspended for protecting the kids from these dangerous substances.

But it turns out that D'Amico was not suspended for his valiant efforts to protect the children from these pernicious materials. Rather, he was suspended for lying during the cupcake incident. Fortunately, he's been reinstated.

Because in Greenwich, apparently, they'll stop at nothing to protect the kids from the evils of cupcakes.

Misrepresenting the truth, though, is just fine. In fact, it's the American way.

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