Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'll Get You, My Pretty. And Your Little School, Too

Prominent teacher-basher/ charter school operator Eva Moskowitz wants more space. And whatever Eva wants, Eva gets. But PS 123 wants to keep its building the way it is. Apparently, its students like being in a building that hasn't yet surpassed 100% capacity, and don't fancy sharing the facilities with Eva's new project.

Though parents and community organizers have gotten together to oppose Ms. Eva's new school, she promised to bring hundreds of people to confound the will of the community.

Naturally, with 75% of the city's high schools overcrowded and even more budget cuts looming, Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein have deemed it a good time to open more charter schools. As they need space, the children in those often horribly overcrowded buildings are the first to get screwed.

And that's what "Children First" means today in Mayor Bloomberg's New York.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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