Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Listen to the Tweedie Birds

Mayor Bloomberg has no problem cutting school budgets. After all, since kids are being schooled in trailers and closets anyway. how much worse can things get?

But Tweed said 110 million would be cuts to schools, while 70 million would be cut from the bureaucracy upstairs. But it appears that's not true:
As it turns out, most of the cuts aren't cuts at all, but recalculations of what things actually cost. Only $15 million is really being cut from headquarters.

After all, there's important stuff happening at headquarters. There are meetings, and conferences, and gala luncheons to attend to. These things are absolutely necessary, and kids must be crammed into every available space like so many sardines so that we can enable these important functions.

And as for those who'd criticize Tweed for misrepresenting the facts, they're just ill-informed. When they said they were cutting 70 million, they meant they were cutting 15 million. Just like when Mayor Bloomberg said he'd get rid of trailers by 2012. What he meant, of course, was that he wouldn't get rid of them by 2012.

Those pesky parents and children are just gonna have to learn what it means to trim the fat. In any case, the city can't just throw around money educating children. After all, it's got an 80-million-dollar computer system to pay for.

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