Monday, November 05, 2007

No Bathroom For You

The NY Daily News reports that students at Bronx Little School have to share one bathroom for both boys and girls.

Over the summer, the Department of Education began remodeling work on the girls' bathroom.

The boys' bathroom has become a unisex bathroom for both boys and girls

As a result, teachers have to take boys and girls to the bathroom in separate shifts.

Some students in the pre-K to fifth grade school, unable to wait for teachers to take them to the bathroom, suffer accidents in the classroom.

Parents have begun sending kids off to school with book bags, lunch boxes and extra pants to change into after they soil themselves.

Parents want to know why the bathroom is being remodeled during the school year instead of the summer.

Principal Janice Gordon said through a DOE spokesman that parents were overstating the number of bathroom accidents and the school keeps extra clothes around anyway just in case young students have accidents.

Plus two regular bathroom breaks are scheduled throughout the 6 hour school day and kids ought to be able to hold it until those regularly scheduled breaks.

After reading yesterday's cover story about Mayor Bloomberg's life in Newsweek, I suspect the mayor is less than sympathetic to kids who don't have the willpower to keep from going to the bathroom.

In the Newsweek article, Jon Meacham writes about how Mayor Bloomberg learned valuable lessons growing up as a little Jewish boy among a bunch of Boston hooligans and anti-Semites who used to be mean to him.

From this tough upbringing, the mayor learned self-reliance, determination, ambition, and direction.

He also learned how to hold it when the Boston toughs wouldn't let him use the school bathroom without paying for it.

The kids at Boston Little School really should feel special.

Like Mayor Bloomberg got when he was a kid, they're getting very valuable lessons in self-reliance, determination, ambition, direction, and of course how to hold for hours at a time when you gotta go.

So take that, parents of Boston Little School students.

This has been a teachable moment for your kids.

And who knows better about teachable moments than Mayor Bloomberg and his newly reorganized Department of Education.
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