Monday, October 15, 2007

Hot off the Press

Our beloved Unity-New Action leadership, in order to serve you better, is in the process of selecting a replacement for the High School Academic VP. In order to give the illusion of democracy, a sacrificial lamb from New Action will run against Ms. Weingarten's Edwize mouthpiece, Leo Casey. Naturally, the Unity people will vote for the Unity candidate, producing a landslide victory.

I'll give Unity some free advice--rather than voting in a bloc, have some of your patronage employees vote with the New Action patronage employees. This will enhance the illusion of democracy, and perhaps even persude some of the remarkably apathetic teachers who make up the majority of our union (over 75% of whom failed to vote in the last union election).

I'm very familiar with Mr. Casey, as he has publicly libeled me on Edwize. Mr. Casey accused me of making up facts because I accurately reported that the LA Times and Green Dot both say there's no tenure in Green Dot schools (which are now involved in a partnership with the UFT).

Oddly, Mr. Casey fancies himself above the fray:

Educators are always teaching their students to... criticize ideas, not people.

To that end, Mr. Casey accused the United Teachers Party, a Unity opposition group, of Nazism. This is because, ostensibly, he objected to the iconography on their website. The now defunct UTP website reported that a complaint about their iconography and such was made to the Anti-Defamation League, and found to be without merit.

This is the person who will now represent the interests of high school teachers. I'm particularly excited about this because Mr. Casey pointedly refuses to talk to me. It's great to know I'll now be represented by someone who will not lower himself to answer my questions.

Thanks, Unity-New Action, for another lesson in "representative government."

Thanks to Norm
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