Thursday, August 30, 2007

Principal's Welcome

Welcome back everyone. I know you're energized from your break and can't wait to get back to the classroom. I know I'm thrilled to be hear again...

You with your 2o,ooo dollar bonus!

That has nothing to do with how I feel. We had a wonderful year, the English Regents results were excellent, and while...

What about those forty-seven identical essays?

They were not identical.Some were four pages long, and others were five pages long. One was six pages long. They were consistently excellent. And bear in mind, they were all ESL students, many of whom had to use electronic dictionaries to understand the questions.

But they were word for word exactly the same. Even the misspellings were identical.

Really, Mr. Sandburg, who else but you would have even noticed?

Any competent teacher would have noticed. The State would have noticed.

But the State wasn't present. Really Mr. Sandburg, can't you focus on something positive? We're a C school, and next year, we will be a B school.

All you want is another 5 thousand bucks. We are a disgrace if we teach kids that plagiarism is acceptable.

Who says it's plagiarism? Our language teacher, Miss Dim, says that memorization is a very popular learning mode in her country. In fact, she had one of the boys from her country come up and reproduce the first two pages of the paper from memory. It was only then we decided to pass the students.

I can recite Anabel Lee right here and right now, but that doesn't make me Edgar Allen Poe.

That's not the point. These are kids. They have special needs. They require our understanding. Plus, Miss Wormwood claims she gave them that essay as a guide.

You got on the loudspeaker and said anyone whose cell phone rang would have their test voided. Yet here you are saying that 47 plagiarized papers, most doubtless copied from electronic dictionaries that store text, are acceptable.

That was my decision and I stand by it. Where's your school spirit, Mr. Sandburg? Didn't they do their "seat time?" Do you really want to imperil their graduation over a little misunderstanding like this? I regret we must cut this short so that Ms. Pewterschmidt can conduct "Right to Know."

Ms. Pewterschmidt?
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