Friday, August 10, 2007

A Mystery

Over at Edwize, they don't like it when people speak ill of teacher unions. Frankly, neither do I. Teachers are one of the last bastions of vibrant unionism, and there's nothing folks like Rod Paige would lke better than to disband us all and have us work in Wal-Mart, or better yet, in factories like the ones in China that make all the stuff they sell there.

UFT President Randi Weingarten's Edwize mouthpiece is perturbed that Slate's Mickey Kaus (the union-basher in question) is quoting comments from an opponent's blog:

In the latest episode, Kaus has been reduced to quoting comments from Klein’s blog that differ with Klein’s perspective on teacher unions. Now Klein’s blog, like Edwize, actually enables comments, and Klein’s readers carry on an intelligent conversation with him.

It's interesting that this writer has such regard for intelligent conversation. In the past, this writer accused me of making up whatever facts fit today's rant simply because I accurately reported the LA Times' contention that Green Dot teachers do not have tenure (a contention later repeated by the New York Times, not to mention trumpeted on Green Dot's website).

This very same writer, after having libeled a real working UFT teacher, refused to respond directly to any of my numerous comments. "Intelligent conversation," on Edwize, evidently, entails refusing to converse civilly with anyone who opposes Ms. Weingarten's ongoing yard-sale of teacher rights. But it was not the "intelligent conversation" claim that really grabbed me. It was this:

Kaus’ blog has no comments. One can only imagine what Kaus’ readers would say, if they had the opportunity.

Now didn't he just say that Edwize enabled comments, and imply how great that was for those longing for "intelligent conversation?" Didn't he imply that Kaus did not, apparently wish to have "intelligent conversation?"

Odd, isn't it, that Ms. Weingarten, with full access to Edwize, has never, ever chosen to blog there? She'll be blogging at Eduwonk's place, beginning on the 20th of August.

Eduwonk's blog, incidentally, does not permit comments. Why do you suppose Ms. Weingarten chose such a forum to introduce herself to the blogosphere?
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