Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Something You Don't See Every Day

Deanna Hassell is up in arms because her son's being promoted to eighth grade. He was absent 55 times and managed to pull a 60% average (and this almost certainly indicates he has teachers who didn't see 55 absences as grounds for failure).

Ms. Hassell, however, is frustrated. Having told her son his evil ways would result in losing a year, she's been proven wrong by Mr. Bloomberg's new and improved system. Apparently, passing two tests at the end of the year (and not by much) is more important than getting decent grades or actually showing up for school.

A real concern for any would-be role-model is to ensure that there are consequences for the actions (or lack thereof) of those you'd presume to lead. By ensuring there are none, Mr. Bloomberg has challenged the authority of this mom.

As for Mr. Bloomberg's moral authority, he's promised to lower class size, and is now doing so, lowering average class size by 60% of one student per class. In this country, apparently, such achievements merit a run for the White House.

No wonder Ms. Hassell is frustrated.
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