Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Selling the Schools

Here's something most public schools haven't had to worry about--an advertising budget. Bloomfield, Connecticut is spending thousands of taxpayer dollars promoting its public schools via radio and billboards.

'The world has changed,' said David Title, superintendent of Bloomfield schools.

'Families have more choices about where they go to school. It's a more competitive environment.'

Title and his staff want to retain Bloomfield students who can choose from charter, magnet, private and parochial schools in Greater Hartford. But they also want to get the attention of families and good teachers considering a move, so they've taken to radio with spots touting the school system during morning and afternoon drive time.

I pay about $8,000 a year (in Nassau County) in property taxes, and personally, I don't feel like paying more to get the word out. Can you imagine what Klein and Bloomberg would do? Dimes to dollars they'd promote charters and private schools and let the public schools rot (which they seem to be doing already).

Do you think people could be swayed by advertising? Or do home values pretty much speak for themselves?
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