Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Elliot Gets It...

...and he's about to give it to us, too.

So says Maisie over at Edwize--Governor Spitzer says he's for lower class size. I knew that, and that was one of the reasons I voted for him. But Maisie has the whole story, which I must have missed:

He went on to call for a longer school day and year, after-school programs, school Internet libraries and improved teaching. He made univeral pre-K and raising the state charter cap additional major proirities.

Wow! A longer school day and year. Great. Since we already work 190 days, more than any neighboring district, I see this as a huge improvement. I'm tired of spending time with my kid on the nights I don't work and in the summer (on the days I don't work), so I'm really glad I voted for Elliot.

Thanks, UFT, for supporting this guy! Since teaching is such an easy job, involving no stress whatsoever (particularly for those in UFT offices sitting on double pensions), I'm sure they can't wait to help out the governor.

After all, they regularly trade our time for money, label such trades "raises," and thus let us know they value our time not one whit. While we patrol the halls, cafeterias, and bathrooms, while we get 90-day unpaid suspensions, while we can't transfer without permission (and we gave away the right to do so for less than nothing), while we become ATRs, while we teach six classes, while we get letters we cannot grieve, they stay one extra hour in UFT HQ, doing whatever it is they do in there. And for that, they get pay increases equal to ours, and increase our dues.

Raising the charter cap came with a poison pill allowing Klein and Bloomberg to convert existing schools to charters without community approval. Like yours, or your kid's. Who knows where they'll send you (or your kids) after such conversions? This will go a long way to help accomplish their goal of eliminating public schools entirely.

It's great to know we have such good buddies running the state. The UFT's prescience never ceases to amaze me.
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