Saturday, January 06, 2007

Children First

That's Mayor Bloomberg's mantra. In order to help children, he's going to push a 230 million dollar school project on contaminated land in the South Bronx. In a concession to critics who say kids shouldn't study on contaminated sites, Deputy Mayor Walcott says he'll clean it up.

Meanwhile, non-contaminated grounds are being devoted to private schools, Mayor Mike won't guarantee that area residents can attend his new proposed schools (or any other new schools), he routinely excludes kids who might bring scores down, he excludes dropouts from graduation statistics, and rejoices that there will be no oversight of CFE funds (reduced by two-thirds as a direct result of his intransigence).

Way to go, Mayor Mike. It's a good thing you've rejected all that nonsense about good teachers, smaller class sizes and decent facilities. That stuff may work in Nassau County, but it's too expensive and New York City needs to innovate.

It's entirely possible that one day, one of the innovations may work. Why should 30 years of abject failure discourage you?
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