Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Shocker

Kids who cut classes, don't do homework, and never study don't show up for tutoring either.

Of the 184,790 students who attend failing schools in poor neighborhoods, only 50,524 - or 27.3% - have signed up for tutoring provided under the No Child Left Behind Act so far this year.

Oh my goodness, they don't even bother signing up (Could it be that such kids will not end up in charter schools, ever?). Personally, I'm stunned that this is happening, despite the best efforts of the non-educators who design these laws. Perhaps it's understandable, since their kids, who invariably attend private schools, don't have these particular problems.

It's a good thing that teachers are not in leadership positions, and are never, ever consulted, or these laws might not be as successful as they are.
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