Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dues Deduction Without Representation is Tyranny

Most teachers don't know that Unity changed the UFT constitution to preclude high school teachers from selecting their own academic VP. This is because Mike Shulman committed the unpardonable sin of winning with New Action one year. That was back when New Action was a real opposition, before Randi bought Mike and the rest of them off with patronage jobs.

Let's circulate a petition in high schools only, asking for our right to choose our own leadership. Would New York find it acceptable if President Bush decided that Texas and Alaska would help us choose a governor from now on? I doubt it. Most teachers don't even know about this little piece of Unity-New Action non-democracy.

Elementary teachers outnumber us two-to-one, but I doubt they'd favor Unity's approach.

If anyone has any wording suggestions I'd appreciate it.
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