Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Daily News Cries Poverty

The Daily News claims that a third of the 1.9 billion dollar CFE award will be frittered away paying teachers. What an awful waste of education dollars.

That's disingenuous and bizarre logic. The contract Bloomie negotiated with the UFT appeared before CFE was resolved. It's far more likely canny Bloomie was trying to avoid paying any part of it toward teacher salaries.

Also, since the contract followed lockstep with what DC37 got (due to the supreme reluctance of Randi Weingarten to negotiate), it was more or less a foregone conclusion teachers would get just such a raise.

The city would have had to come up with that money whether or not the CFE suit came through with a single dime. He and Randi, in fact, precluded the possibility of a single cent of this settlement going to working teachers, regardless of quality.

Bloomberg is sitting on billions. It's unconscionable that he can't come up with cost of living for working people, worse that our leaders won' t even ask for it, and preposterous that the New York Daily News seems to find it inappropriate to invest in teachers for the 1.1 million kids who attend public schools.
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