Wednesday, December 20, 2006

24 Thousand Bucks

Here's proof that good teachers, small classes, and decent facilities (like those used in Nassau) pay off.

A Lynbrook teen, now attending Nassau Community College, returned $24,000 in cash to a distraught Hewlett woman. What a selfless and noble act (doubtless the direct result of an excellent education).

What's happening in the city (where we have intergalactic recruitment and the largest class sizes in the state)? Yoko Ono's being blackmailed. People are killing themselves. Teachers are drunk and crazy. People are murdering one another over trash TV.

If only Randi and the Mayor would stop pushing bargain-basement band-aids and insist on good teachers, small classes, and decent facilities, I could get my own 24 thousand bucks back. Has anyone seen it? I left it somewhere in NYC the other night.


Didn't think so.

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