Friday, November 17, 2006

A Press Conference

Why are the schools overcrowded? Well, uh, it's uh....ya know I'm workin' on's, like, ya see...the schools are...they're...uhhh...they're very good, yeah, that's the ticket....and, well....they're so good that people are sayin', ya know, like, let's go there.

So, like, no one wants to stay home anymore, and I've done what I can, ya know, but it's like, hard, ya know, so like, we've done such a good job, that like, everyone wants ta come.

So, like I wanna close PS 109, because it's, like, uhhh... a problem, ya see, so now those kids want ta go ta good schools, and they're like kinda crowded, ya know, so we thought about using Livingston Street, but we needed condos, so like, that didn't work, but we really hope ta get more money, so we can, like make the schools good, ya see, I mean they're good already, but, like, then more people will come ta the schools, and...uhhh....

Wait, that's not what I wanna say, ya see, like we sometimes gotta save space fur my buds, and sometimes we change plans, and it's like, kinda, ya know, complicated....

But the problem is, ya know, we did such a good job, ya know, and now the schools are. like, too good.

So that's what the story is. Yeah, that's it.
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