Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Bucks Can Be Yours!

Are you sick and tired of that dead-end job? Marking papers not for you?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get off your fat keester and head down to sunny Florida! Start a school of your very own, and get other people to do all that nasty, time-consuming work. Meanwhile, head off to Disneyworld and ride Space Mountain. Or sit at a bar all day, get stinking drunk, and send the bill to Jeb Bush.

How can you do that, you ask? Well, accept vouchers at your school, but don't bother accepting the students. That way, you keep all the tuition, but you don't have to bother with those meddlesome kids (not to mention their pain-in-the-neck parents).

How can you too become a voucher entrepreneur? Send a cashier's check now for $500 to NYC Educator, and I'll include (at no extra charge whatsoever) my new pamphlet, entitled "How to Get Total Strangers to Send You $500."

So you don't forget, send before midnight tonight.
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