Thursday, October 05, 2006

This Takes the Cupcake

Fill out your school lunch form and win a trip to Hawaii. That's right, an all-expenses-paid luxury trip, complete with pool boys, hula dancers, and ukuleles could be yours. Why wait? So you don't forget, send before midnight tonight.

Every impoverished kid is a big win for fun city, so get them in now. It's remarkable that people with kids eligible for free or reduced-price lunch need this sort of incentive.

Also, to serve you better, NYC school lunches now feature one fewer side dish. Doubtless the kids don't mind, since they can opt for French fries and avoid those nasty overcooked vegetables.

The teacher version now includes pre-packed salads, which I bought a couple of times this year. They were not exactly good, but nonetheless conveniently located. Unfortunately, the third time I tried to buy, they had dressing, but no salad. The last time, they had salad, but no dressing.

I give up.

Thanks to Schoolgal (for the caption too!)
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