Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sex, Chalk, and Videotape

Check out today's NY Daily News. Hmmm....Let's see...two teachers are having sex in the faculty room. Who could resist with all that alluring chalk dust in the air?

There just happens to be a camera there to film them. A copy of the tape is sent to the principal. When the teacher who sent the tape admits to having done so, he's removed from the building. Could this teacher have set up the camera? That's even stranger than sex on a school couch, if you ask me.

A middle school teacher from Long Island has a computer full of kiddie porn.

And a Brooklyn teacher is accused of tutoring topics not found on the Regents exam.

Update: See also The Chalkboard

Schoolgal contributes yet another bizarre tale--there must be something in the water.
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