Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Rough Halloween

Jolanta Rohloff, the principal of Lafayette High School who unilaterally changed hundreds of student grades, is in the hot seat again. The Alumni Association is pressing for her dismissal. They say it's "nothing personal," which is reminiscent of the characters in The Godfather who would come over, kill you and stuff, and declare it's "only business."

Apparently the school is so awful no one wants to go there. But don't worry, Ms. Rohloff. Hang on for a few years and this administration will make sure every school is just as awful as yours.

Ms. Rohloff is the perfect Klein-era principal, in my view, utterly obsessed with appearances. A few months back she offered teachers $114 bucks each to clean up their classrooms when DoE bigwigs came to visit.

Update: Check out the comments to see who's in the high-powered Lafayette Alumni Association. They ought to rouse the attention of Joel "Society" Klein.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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