Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pay No Attention to the Screen

Stuyvesant High School students, who study in the shadow of Ground Zero, were sent back to school immediately after 9/11. The risk to their health, like that of those cleaning up the site, was minimized by local and federal government.

Now some of them, including a 22-year-old who's developed Hodgkin's disease, are demanding the city provide them health insurance.

Mayor Bloomberg, noble as always, has been fighting not to provide first responders with compensation for the personal sacrifices they've made. With no gazillionaire representing these students, it's fairly easy to anticipate his response.

It's preposterous that we pay twice as much for health care as people in Canada or Europe while 50 million of us aren't even insured. Let's give the Stuyvesant kids insurance. Then let's elect people who will give it to everyone else.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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