Saturday, October 21, 2006

Onward and Upward

CSA President Jill Levy is not going to stand for re-election in January. She was elected president of the national supervisors' union last summer. This is a pattern that I've seen with UFT leadership as well.

It's remarkable that the president of any New York City union, let alone one that's been without a contract for three years, can find time to manage a national union. After all, if managing the union is only a part-time job, what the hell are we paying these people for?

I'm told that Randi Weingarten, Unity-UFT President, works a lot of hours. Unfortunately for Jill Levy, Klein insists on using the abysmal, union-busting contract Randi approved as a blueprint for the CSA. I don't blame Jill for deserting the ship. But accepting a concurrent job while her union was in such dire straits was wholly irresponsible.

Thanks to Schoolgal

Update: Check out The Chalkboard's trenchant commentary.
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