Friday, October 27, 2006

Niagara Falls

That's where a bunch of university employees are gonna have to drive for vacation, now that EduCap, a loan company, has cancelled their all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean island of Nevis. The officials were all set to stay in $565-a-night beachfront rooms, and now it's sixty bucks out of pocket with continental breakfast at an EconoLodge with a view of the parking lot. EduCap was suddently concerned about the perception they might be buying people off.

Now where on earth would anyone get that idea?

I once took a bunch of ESL students to Philadelphia. The oily little guy who booked the trip, ostensibly a tour guide, tried to give me passes for a weekend at some spa or something. I declined and booked buses directly (at huge savings to my kids) the next time we took that trip.

However, a lot of people are smarter than me. My congressman, Peter King, can spend over six thousand bucks on steak houses, thirteen thousand on hotel rooms, and thousands more on cell phone, cable and car lease bills, and his campaign fund pays for it. Alan Hevesi seems to have spent $80,000 of taxpayer funds to chauffer his wife.

Closer to home, my union boss, Randi Weingarten, rewards all her loyal Unity hacks with not only jobs, but an annual all-expenses-paid trip to the AFT convention, which could be anywhere in the country. Let's keep our fingers crossed we get to send them to Hawaii this year. It hardly seems worth it paying for a bunch of Queens residents to stay in Manhattan hotel rooms.

Certainly Leo Casey needs a vacation, and the rest of them need to get their batteries recharged after spending all year censoring our comments, calling their opponents Nazis, and quashing democracy in the United Federation of Teachers.
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