Saturday, October 21, 2006

Who Says Republicans Don't Recycle?

Bill Crozier, a Republican candidate for Oklahoma State Superintendent of Education has devised a novel way to keep kids out of harm's way--give them old textbooks to shield them from the gunshot wounds that inevitably occur in classrooms. You can see a video of the candidate experimenting with whether earth science or language texts prove more effective.

In the video, Crozier demonstrates conclusively that a rifle can penetrate a calculus book, something I've personally never been able to accomplish.

When gunfights occur in my classroom, I usually just duck and hope for the best. It's about time someone exerted some leadership and set an example in this area. I'd say this idea ranks right alongside that of arming teachers. When, oh when, is Mayor Bloomberg going to stop pursuing hip-hop stardom, put on a duck-hunting hat and show us how it's done?

Update: Don't miss Eduwonk's take on this and other stunning absurdities.
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