Sunday, October 29, 2006

Empty Nest

Well, not quite. But the executive board of the NEST+M parent association (the school that successfully fought a gazillionaire's charter moving in) is stepping down in protest. The parents claim Klein's new principal is on a mission to quash their involvement. Can you imagine the NYC schools chancellor doing such a thing?

After all, Chancellor Klein has repeatedly claimed to support parents (despite having hired a deputy who maintains they have nothing whatsoever to do with the success or failure of their children). As for the principal, she supports them too. That must be why she called the police to have them hauled away forcibly.

The principal seems to feel parents ought to appreciate such treatment.

"There is a very silent and supportive parent body and they tell me they're the majority."

Ah, the old "silent majority" argument. That's the one Nixon used to claim protests against the war didn't reflect the will of the country (The Teacher Rebellion by David Selden reports that Unity expelled teachers for opposing that war, yet another proud chapter in the glorious history of our union leadership). I particularly like the new twist of "they tell me." Clearly, the ejected parents neglected to "tell" her they represented the majority. If only Al Gore's supporters had shown such foresight...but I digress.

Could Joel Klein be so vindictive as to install a confrontational principal after having removed the principal who prevented a charter from degrading the NEST school (just as he's degraded mine and scores of others)?

You tell me.

Thanks to Schoolgal

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