Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why Can't Those APs Find Jobs?

The New York Post reports that, after sending a memo to principals explaining how useless the 44 unemployed APs are, no principal expressed interest in hiring a single one.

Let me think about that--I've got a boss who's just vilified 44 people. Should I hire one of them? "Not at this time," says the 8-ball.

This has strong implications for the teachers who've been displaced as well. There's little doubt some teachers should be fired, but the city doesn't seem to fret over individuals like that. Rather, they're engaging in an odd power play, letting us know they can put hundreds of people out of work whenever they like.

Here's part of a note I got in my email last night:

I currently work at P.S. ___ . We were notified of an immediate opening today, and were asked to pool our resources together to help find the replacement. The opening is in a K/1 classroom. All of our classes at P.S. ___ are mixed grades. We are looking for a teacher new to the Board of Ed. They must not be a transfer from another NYC public school.

It's one thing to allow principals to choose which teachers they'd like to work in their schools. It's quite another to show a preference for new hirees, regardless of qualifications. Is this administration capable of blackballing employees just to flex its muscles?

I'll wait a moment while everyone wiggles their magic 8-balls. Have you got a response? Great.

Is our union capable of standing up to it?

What does your 8-ball tell you?

In other news, UFT President Randi Weingarten (along with Chancellor Klein), is feeling optimistic at the beginning of this school year.

My 8-ball can't explain why.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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