Monday, September 18, 2006

The War on Terror Victims

The Daily News reports that 40 million dollars in 9/11-related small business grants were actually funneled to large corporations.

Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton's request for $2 billion to help those sickened by working on Ground Zero was nixed by Senate Republicans. And Mayor Bloomberg, already working tirelessly to avoid paying any part of the CFE lawsuit, is spending millions to fight first responders who make inconvenient claims about related sicknesses.

In order to serve us better, the federal government has cut anti-terror funding in NY and DC by 40%. Louisville, Charlotte, and St. Louis, apparently hotbeds of terror, are getting extra funds.

It's remarkable how politicians will stop at nothing to make political hay out of how much they care about the suffering of people post 9/11. Yet when it comes time to put up, they do what the hell they like and figure we won't notice.

Thanks to Schoolgal and reality-based educator
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