Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Vision Thing

When I read that 1000+ teachers were demoted to subs, I wonder how anyone can think the contract is a dead issue.

When I read that Joel Klein is vilifying 44 APs as "rejects," I wonder how Randi Weingarten does not anticipate the very same thing happening to those teachers.

Or more teachers. Or you or me.

Imagine you are a principal, working at the pleasure of the chancellor. He announces there are 44 useless individuals wasting public money. Then he asks who wants to hire them. Would you do so?

I can't imagine I would.

Do you suppose they're tripping all over themselves to hire the thousand teachers Klein's placed on display as his latest publicity stunt?

Can you imagine how it must feel to go from a working teacher to an overpaid sub? Does anyone at all think Joel Klein plans to allow a thousand teachers to receive full salary as subs through the next contract?

These contracts are a chess game, and I see repeated evidence that Joel Klein, with his union-busting agenda and empty promises of "Children First," continues to outmaneuver our perpetually clueless leadership.

It's high time they became "accountable."
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