Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Days of Meetings

I'm not a meeting person, actually. Reality-based educator sent me a few email messages suggesting he isn't either:

Today was tough. We had four hours of meetings today in which I heard the exact same things I heard last year and the year before and the year before that...I think I could facilitate these meetings, word for word, while asleep. I also found out that we are now teaching 45 minute periods (up from 40 five years ago, 41 three years ago, and 44 one year ago.) Each year the work time goes up. When will it end? 50 minutes a period? 60 minutes?

Who knows, RBE? Less is more. That is, more time for less than cost of living. That's what 60% of our colleagues voted for, and that's what we have. But RBE had yet another day:

Today we had more meetings and focus groups. The same three crazy people who actually need the meetings and focus groups argued and bitched and complained and whined about books and assignments and schedules and cell phone rules and all that good stuff. The rest of us slowburned while the three crazy people yelled at each other over who got to teach what when and the AP tried to keep order.

My head hit the desk I was sitting at twice, once so loud nearly everybody in the room heard it hit (except for the three crazy people, of course, because they were too busy yelling at each other.) At one point, my buddy sitting in front of me handed me a pen and asked me to stick it into his eye during the proceedings. i considered it. I figured while they were taking him out to hospital, I could leave w/ security.

I was going to write about the meetings I attended, but they weren't remotely as interesting as RBE's.

Anyone out there have any tales of the pre-Labor Day meetings to share?
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