Friday, September 08, 2006

A Time Out for Mikey

This week's Time Out Kids issues Mayor Bloomberg a report card. If my child every brought home such a report card, she'd be re-examining her options, as she'd find them substantially diminished. However, Bloomberg, enabled by Unity's astounding lack of vision, continues unabated, with papers happily reporting the upside and ignoring everything else.

Mayor Mike gets some credit for the better charters, but loses out for his overall neglect of the public school system. Overtesting and his miserable rapport with parents earn him yet more mediocrity. They give him slightly better grades on access to honors classes, and an actual A minus for special ed.

Mayor Mike gets an incomplete on class size, which is very charitable considering my own building, at 250% capacity. It's particularly generous considering that the mayor has his lawyers using the "It's not my job" defense.

The mayor gets around a C average from Time Out Kids. Given that he's still trying to weasel out of paying any part of the CFE suit, I'd have to deduct points, and I'm afraid I couldn't grant him credit.

Nonetheless, I'd make certain he wouldn't repeat the class. Let him find some other city to play with.

Thanks to Patrick
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