Sunday, September 24, 2006

Randi and Joel Have a New Fan

I was just referred (by an ATR teacher) to an interesting article from NYC Indymedia:

Newly, vastly empowered principals have succeeded in inculcating a climate of fear within the schools that proscribes whistle-blowing, grievance filing, and collective action. Nothing demonstrates this more than the Chancellor’s recent remarks that 1500 recently excessed teachers (an increase of 500% from last year) are “potentially undesirable veteran[s]” (The New York Times, 9/2/06).

UFT President Randi Weingarten should be as much an object of teachers’ scorn as Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein. During negotiations for the 2003-2007 contract Ms. Weingarten sacrificed a well-oiled system of teacher transfer in which excessed teachers were guaranteed placement within their region for a so-called “open market” system wherein excessed teachers pound the pavement–citywide–in the oft-vain attempt at securing employment.

Meanwhile, over at Edwize, Leo Casey and City Sue, who've both signed loyalty oaths to the Unity patronage mill, swear it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Apparently, more teachers have transferred under this plan, and that's more important than ther thousand-plus displaced teachers wandering around as subs.

Typically, Leo and Sue haven't anticipated what Chancellor Klein will be saying about these teachers come contract negotiation time, and fail to appreciate the ramifications of the chancellor hiring hundreds of new teachers even as they wander about in limbo.

Here's what the latest issue of NY Teacher has to say about ATR teachers (Correction--Schoolgal points to a letter that mentions them). Doubtless they think those teachers should be grateful for the right to to pay Leo and Sue's six-figure salaries. Personally, I wouldn't begrudge them these salaries, or higher ones, if they negotiated decent contracts. While it's simpler to turn the whole thing over to PERB and let them do whatever the hell they feel like, that's not what we pay them for.
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