Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's interesting to see various parties having conniptions over the letter of the UFT contract. No, you can't teach new material during your 37.5 minute class, which is not a class. That would be hard work (Reviewing is just a walk in the park, apparently).

Of course, those of us in oversize schools have had our periods extended up to fifty minutes. We actually do teach more (and I'd wager it's much more effective than those classes that aren't classes). Despite UFT propagandist Leo Casey's typically empty bravado, we don't figure in his calculations.

Of course, it's not as simple as that. Bloomberg announces, in front of God and everybody, that it's an absolute must to put our needs last, then he puzzles over why we aren't jumping up and volunteering to do more for him.

My former AP thought I was good at classroom management. One semester, she told me (as an appointed ESL teacher) that I'd have to teach five Spanish 1 classes. If I didn't agree, she would make sure that I'd stay so late I'd lose my second job. I applied for and received a UFT transfer (the one we gave away for less than nothing in the last contract).

My new supervisor also liked my classroom management. She had problems with a first period Spanish class that was driving the teacher crazy. She asked me if I'd do her a favor and take the class.

I said sure, of course.

There's a better way.
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