Saturday, September 23, 2006


Goshdarnit. Chancellor Klein left 339 kids back by mistake (On Thursday, the city claimed it had promoted too many kids). How could such things happen in the world of non-educators who know everything about education?

Now, after the schoolchildren and their parents have suffered the humiliation and frustration of failing an entire grade, the chancellor is generously giving them the choice of staying or moving up after three weeks of school. No doubt it'll be simple for marginal students to catch up and this will have no enduring effect on them whatsoever.

Notice also there's no mention of "accountablity" in the article. That applies exclusively to unionized employees.

Update: The Daily News covers this story with a great quote from a DoE wonk:

"This is not really a case of anyone dropping the ball."

Try telling that to these kids and their parents. So much for accountability.

Thanks to Schoolgal.
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