Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh, I Come from Alabama...

...but just forget about that banjo on your knee nonsense. Kids want cell phones in their pockets. And Alabama has leapfrogged ahead of New York City by instituting a more reasonable cell-phone policy.

In July, the district adopted a policy where its 4,500 students are allowed to carry a phone, but risk having it confiscated until the end of the day if they use it or it goes off during school. A second infraction requires a meeting with a parent.

I'd go with the parental meeting on the first infraction, but it appears to me an overwhelming majority of kids in city schools (or mine, at least) are carrying cell phones. It's counter-productive to make rules that will not be followed and can't be reasonably enforced.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg is in California, explaining why Los Angeles should follow the NYC model of oversized schools, meaningless mandates, and no meaningful mprovement in education. To show where his heart is, he's also attending two fund-raisers for Arnold Schwarzenegger. You may recall the governator referring to nurses and teachers as "special interests," while letting Enron slide on 9 billion they stole from the public.
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