Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mas palabras sobre Unidad

Here's a comment I left on Edwize.

I'm not altogether hopeful it will get a UFT response.

It seems to me that Klein is flexing his muscle for the sake of doing so.

Also, while the number of transfers (a Unity guy said thousands) may be accurate, it could reflect teachers who chose to transfer, as opposed to those displaced and sentenced to a purgatory that shows every indication it will lead to termination in the last contract.

It’s frankly idiotic to assume any teacher is unsatisfactory simply for having landed in a school that was shut down, but that’s the conclusion many will reach.

If 50% of teachers are retained and chosen at the whim of a Jack Welch principal (or anyone under the thumb of this Chancellor), I don’t see that as fair treatment of competent, working teachers.

I can’t imagine there are none of them in that ghost ship called the ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve), and I can’t imagine coming to work every day and being nobody either.

Will the UFT insist on maintaining the ATR teachers in the next round of negotiations? The outrageous short-sightedness of the last contract has left many teachers in a very precarious position.

What did you guys get for that?

Less than cost of living.

Less than nothing.

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