Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Klein's Machinations Bear Fruit

31 principals are rebelling against the CSA, largely those from Klein's Leadership Academy--you know, the ones who've never taught or supervised before.

They don't care for the decorum of President Jill Levy, who reportedly stated she “wanted to puke on (Mayor Bloomberg's) shoes.”

I don't particularly wish to puke on the mayor's shoes (Don't tempt me with a horse head on his pillow.), but I'm bone-weary of "nice" politicians like John Kerry and Mike Dukaukis. Give me Jill (or Bill) any day.

Bear in mind the atrocious UFT contract came on the heels of the draconian givebacks the CSA agreed to last time. However you may feel about supervisors (I know, but I've had some extraordinarily good ones), their fortunes are largely linked with ours.

It was folly on the part of Randi's gang to trust this mayor and grant him control. It would set an awful precedent if he were allowed to break the supervisors' union. If you don't believe me, here's a quote from Mayor Mike:

“My great fear is that all of it will be thrown out and we will be right back to where we started. We’ve got to find some ways between now and the end of our administration to make it so compelling that the public will demand that we continue to put the interest of our students first, and the interest of the people who work in the system or benefit from getting contracts in the system last.

Now you know where working people stand with this mayor. Someone rouse Bloomberg on his yacht--let him know the kids may have to work too when they grow up.

Thanks to Institutional Memory
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