Thursday, September 21, 2006


Chancellor Klein is fond of adapting business models to suit education. For example, he's a large proponent of merit pay, as long as he doesn't need to pay a competitive wage beforehand. The chancellor believes great teachers will jump at the chance to (maybe) make money, as opposed to approaching nearby districts that pay well to begin with.

But why not, just to show what a regular guy you are, give current teachers a crack at getting their jobs back? After all, there are openings. Sure you can get two new teachers for the price of one vet, but why not give them a small window and have some fun while you're at it?

At Six Flags Great America in Illinois, if you eat a live cockroach you can bypass all the attraction lines. Perhaps the Chancellor can offer the 1,000 blackballed ATR teachers a similar opportunity. Eat a live cockroach and get your job back, before we offer it to someone off the street. This way, he could clean up the schools even as he provides experienced teachers for NYC's 1.1 million students.

While a thousand teachers sit in limbo, Klein's hired at least 275 new teachers, and he's looking for more. Klein says he won't force these teachers on anyone, and implies they're a drag on the system. What principal in his right mind wants to hire them after Klein sends out messages like that? The chancellor is clearly moving toward a showdown with clueless UFT leadership in 07.

Let's give Unity a fastpass to oblivion, rather than yet another opportunity to sell us out.
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