Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Be Careful out There

Mike in Texas has an unusual story to share with us. I cautioned him, because it brings to mind one of my own.

I taught special education for one memorable semester. I was not very good at it, and chose not to pursue it. When I was hired, though, the AP swore up and down I'd be teaching English (my license area at that time). She then immediately assigned me to teach math and music.

After a couple of months, I was teaching something (I don't remember what), when two girls began a very animated conversation in back of the room. After giving them a few looks, I did not get the desired result. This was a science room, with big black tables, and a very large black teacher's desk.

I climbed up onto my desk, walked calmly across the student desks to the back of the room, looked down and whispered to the girls. "I'd appreciate it if you'd be quiet for a little while."

I then walked back across the desks, climbed back onto the floor, and resumed my lesson as though nothing had happened. This happened only once, in front of one small special ed. class.

A month later I was in the cafeteria, when another teacher sat down and asked my name. I told him. He said, "Oh, you're the guy who walks across the desks."

And that's what I was, till I moved on to another school and got a fresh start.
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